Our Story

Welcome to your new favorite place.

A long time ago, in a land not too far away, there came to AZ a killer of a cook who loved to have a good drink and socialize while she made food for her friends, her name was Monica and this Pub is a tribute to what she started way back in 1922… Great food and drink for everyone in her neighborhood to enjoy with service that made you feel like you were friends since childhood, or kindergarten, or something like that.

Pub 1922 is what Monica always wanted to open after she opened her first and only restaurant, a place of fun that served food with a smile, and not just a smile, but a way of taking care of each other that her friends would remember and come back for over and over again. Monica always called her customers friends as she felt better when people paid her to be treated as friends, not just customers.

So if you are ready to make everyone here feel as good as Monica did, as good as your own best friend, well then we want you here to have some fun with us… But make no mistake; this is serious fun, so please take it seriously, because we are very serious about treating our friends like we would want to be treated, seriously. Yes, we are really that serious about taking care of our friends. Ok, we think you know by now how serious we take this and we expect you will do the same.

Welcome to your new favorite place.